SUNLITE has been privileged to have supplied an excess of 250,000 Solar LED Lanterns (JS-30 MOB) to UN Agencies (primarily those involved in refugee rehabilitation and resettlement programs), to bring light into the lives of over a quarter of a million people including impoverished communities, displaced populations from internal strife and disaster victims. The lamps have extensively been used in refugee camps to promote education and provide security to women, thereby empowering communities in striving towards a sustainable future.

JORDAN – Syrian Refugees, 2012 / Ongoing:

This is has been one of the most serious and gruesome tragedies in modern history with hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrian men, women, and children being brutally persecuted amidst the ongoing civil war in the country. There have been over a Million refugees who have fled Syria into Jordan and are being safeguarded at the UN refugee camps. SUNLITE has been fortunate enough to support the United Nations’ large scale humanitarian efforts in the region and continues to extend its support to the humanitarian organizations and agencies’ relief operations.

Philippines – (Typhoon Haiyan):

In November 2013, we provided more 9,000 solar LED lanterns (JS-30 MOB) towards the UNHCR relief effort post the devastating disaster in which more than 14 million people were affected. The lamps have been used not only as a protection tool, but to bring an overall sense of normalcy within these communities – “people can feel safer, the children can play, & the parents can find ways to continue their work after dark”

Philippines – (Typhoon Bopha):

In early 2013, we provided more than 7,000 solar LED lanterns (JS-30 MOB) towards the relief program entitled “Ensuring Protection of Typhoon Bopha (Pablo) affected the population in Mindanao” led by the UNHCR in partnership with the UK’s Department of International Development (DFID). The distribution was aimed to provide protection and a sense of security and connectivity.

ETHIOPIA – Somali Refugees, 2012-13

In September 2012, UNHCR jointly with the Ethiopia’s Administration for Refugee and Returnee Affairs and other partners organized a community event in Shedder refugee camp, northeast Ethiopia, to promote education, especially among refugee girls. This was followed by the supply of over 13,000 Solar LED Lanterns (JS-30 MOB) to various other camps in Ethiopia including Jijiga & Addis Ababa.

In order to extend our support and commitment, we visited the refugee camp in Ethiopia, where we spent time with the refugees – interacting with them, teaching and training them on the functioning and operation of the SUNLITE Solar Lanterns that were distributed there.


Shortly after, the SUNLITE lamps were shipped to Thailand wherein UN Refugee Agency donated another 5,000 Solar LED Lanterns (JS-30 MOB) to the Govt. of Thailand as part of their relief operations after the severely damaging floods in October 2011.

JAPAN Tsunami/Earthquake – 2011

In our first major disaster relief response effort, we supplied close to 5,000 Solar LED Lanterns during the horrific earthquake and tsunami in Japan in May 2011.

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