What sets SUNLITE apart from every other player out there, is its ability to consistently deliver customized, high quality, durable off-grid solar lighting solutions that have an inherent smart functionality built into them and are extremely intuitive to use.

SUNLITE products are designed with the sole purpose of ensuring that clean light can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime and during any circumstance – i.e. lamps that can be charged and used "on-the-go"! This is why we stress so highly on the portability & user-friendliness of our products.

THE RESULT: The JS 30 MOB SUNLITE Solar LED Lantern that is un-matched in quality, performance & design & a pioneer in portable off-grid lighting.

Apart from our Solar LED Lanterns, we have extended our Product Line to Solar Home Lighting Systems and Solar Street Lights. Dedicated to our vision, we have ensured that these products too, offer reliability, quality and user-friendliness – at the same time ensuring an economical end solution !