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INDIA IMPEX (SUNLITE) is a leading manufacturer & exporter of high quality off-grid solar lighting products. In just a little over 3 years from its inception in 2008, the company built its credibility as a reputed global vendor to humanitarian and relief agencies.

In partnership with international aid agencies, SUNLITE Solar Lights have reached out to over half a million people across the globe catering to their sustainable relief and development operations worldwide.

Respecting the situations where & whom our products are delivered to, we ensure that the strictest measures on quality control are maintained. In this regard, the company has invested in and set up its own in-house research and development facility as well as a fully dedicated manufacturing unit in India.

What sets us apart from every other player out there, is our ability to consistently deliver customized, high quality, durable off-grid solar lighting solutions that have an inherent smart functionality built into them and are extremely intuitive to use.

As part of our commitment to our vision, we have recently introduced innovative smart solar street lighting products & solutions.

As a socially driven company, we are always looking to collaborate and partner with aid agencies, government organisations and OEM partners that share a similar ethos. We welcome any inquiries you may have about our company, products and business applications.

Our Journey

Our Journey

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