Refugee camps are often faced with challenges of limited supplies of the most basic necessities (light, food, water, shelter) & it is imperative that high quality, efficient, multi-functional supplies are provided. SUNLITE has taken the responsibility upon itself to bring light into the lives of these displaced refugees.

We are sensitive to the issue that majority of the refugee camps around the world will eventually become a permanent home for the displaced communities & hence have a long term outlook in providing them a sustainable future:

  • Provide long-lasting, off-grid lighting solutions that are far more sustainable in an attempt to build settlements that are less dependent and have no access to expensive grid energy
  • Portable (in-built solar PV Panel) & lightweight features facilitate ease of carry and use for better security, protection and promotion of education – so as to ensure every refugee family can replace their kerosene lantern & uplift their health and living standards
  • In-built mobile phone charging facility reduces dependency on electrical backup to power up phones and facilitates refugees to stay in touch with their family
  • Affordable and maintenance-free solar lamps are beneficial not only to the refugees, but also to the aid agencies who have to allocate their limited funds effectively
  • Training programs for refugees builds a skill set of labor within the community and promotes enterprise

SUNLITE Applications:

  • Refugee Camps
  • Tents, Shelter Kits
  • NFI/IDP Kits
  • Environment Programs promoting Energy Sustainability
  • Portable Street Lighting