Our Goal:To replace hazardous kerosene lanterns with clean, safe & efficient off-grid solar solutions & bring light into the lives of the 1.8 billion people deprived of it.
SUNLITE strives to provide light safely and consciously:

  • A cost-effective & cleaner source of light
  • Helps governments & aid agencies uplift rural, distressed communities
  • Reduces reliance on carbon based fuels
  • Safe, healthy environment to live & study
  • Essential tool for disaster & emergency relief

Why Off-Grid Lighting?

  • Lagging Grid growth especially in Asian, African & Latin American geographies
  • Far more affordable than grid energy
  • No recurring costs ; replaces kerosene
  • Implementation of superior technology and robust design
  • Value added features can be included: eg. Mobile Phone Charging Facility

Why Solar Power?

Kerosene Lantern Solar Lantern
Content Wick
LED lamps
NimH/Lithium Battery
  • High Carbon emissions
  • High running cost
  • Uses fossil feuls
  • Severe health risks
  • Extremely unsafe / fire hazard
  • Requires ignition
  • Needs maintenance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Zero running cost
  • Uses natural energy
  • No health risk
  • 100% safe
  • Ever-ready; use on the go
  • Maintenance free
Purchase cost $10 $7-$30
Running cost $15/month $0/month
(Only replace battery after 2 years)
Life span 6-8 months 5+ years
Total cost
(life span)
$110 $20-$60

Why LED?

off_grid solar led lighting image

We are constantly striving towards developing new off-grid solutions that excel in quality & reliability.