SUNLITE piloted its initiative by carrying out in-depth field testing research in refugee camps across Africa – the design, functionality & features of SUNLITE's flagship JS 30 MOB Solar Lamp stemmed from this extensive research. We have a very special place in our hearts for the displaced refugees around the world and are forever committed to extending any and all support to help the cause in providing relief to these communities through our innovative technologies.


One SUNLITE JS 30 MOB replaces over 30 hazardous kerosene lamps* & saves over 6 tonnes of harmful carbon emissions over its 5 year life span.

An investment in One SUNLITE JS 30 MOB is recovered within 3 months as it eliminates the otherwise frequent, expensive kerosene expense burden on the end-user.

* The calculation is made after equating light output for both & considering a 6 month life span of a single kerosene lamp.