When disaster strikes, electric power is usually the first critically important service to be lost, and the effects can be devastating. Without electricity for homes, hospitals, food stores, and vital municipal services, many of our most important needs go unmet. Although SUNLITE products have been extensively used as post-disaster relief lights, our goal is to reach out to the families and communities living in sensitive regions of the world & ensure they are well equipped and prepared ahead of any calamity, natural or otherwise.

  • A sustainable off-grid portable solution that can be charged with the sun’s energy and can be easily carried around, thus not requiring any installation
  • Far more energy efficient & relief-friendly than regular flashlights as SUNLITE lamps that have a long-lasting (2 year) battery cycle
  • In-built mobile phone charging facility reduces dependency on electrical backup to power up phones and facilitates disaster victims to stay in touch with their family
  • Basic necessities such as shelter, food, and medical treatment can only be facilitated with the help of adequate light sources during disasters
  • Emergency lights allow victims to catch the attention of relief teams during power outages
  • Durable design of SUNLITE products ensure they can withstand rough, rugged terrains & harsh weather conditions

SUNLITE Applications:

  • Emergency Preparedness Kits
  • NFI Relief Kits
  • Household Backup
  • Hospitals/Medical Kits
  • Shelter Kits